People of the World, We need your Help!

The time and energy I put into this site, makes a difference, I know this. It is my choice to make that difference. I encourage you to consider making the choice here as well, the choice to pay attention and to help. When you see an evil or wrong in the world, when you see other's being wronged, your silence, your nuetrality, is not goodness. Far from it, your lack of action, allows the evil principle to continue. Now, you cannot turn a blind eye anymore to what the government does. When we do not stand up against evil, we affirm it. In our silence, we show people that evil behavior is okay, that one will be shamed for taking a stand. Let this be your first effort, your first stand, towards stopping the many government abuses that we will not tolerate any more. Take action now!

LBAM Action Items, Every Effort Helps!

Santa Cruz Holiday Parade Action December 1st.

1.Call Governor Schwarzenegger who supports the biochemical aerial spraying that harms children and tell his staffers that you order the Governor to immediately halt the spraying.
(916) 445-2841 2841 (press #1, #5, #0)
Fax: (916) 445-4633

2. Contact Senator Diane Feinstein
San Fransisco Office - (415) 393-0707

Both California US Government Senators have been sitting on the fence, even though a congressional investigation as to why the USDA, and EPA are so eager to spray chemicals on people, in plain violation of their own laws, is called for.

3. Contact Senator Barbara Boxer
San Fransisco Office - (415) 403-0100

3.5 Sign the Stop the Spray Petition!

4. Contact Democracy Now!
They want to here our stories, they featured LBAM once, how about again in more detail

5. Contact The American Civil Liberties Union
The ACLU is a pioneer in human and civil rights, yet they claim that it is an environmental issue. Think again, this is a human rights issue, let them know.

6. Contact 60 Minutes and CBS News
Tell them you want a full feature on this story.

7. Contact The Sierra Club
They should be suing to stop this, but rather have laid back in their support, claiming that pheromones are a safer alternatives than insecticides according to the information they are receiving from the EPA. Think Again, pheromones in microcapsules, never tested before on animals, or people, could be deadly. The Sierra Club is being misled without any investigation into how they are supporting a substance that they know very little about. Let them know your opinion.
National Headquarters: 415-977-5500

8. Contact The National Resources Defense Council (NRDC)
They are a lead environmental organization who usually has a fabulous track record in fighting against such atrocities as spraying chemicals. However, they have been ardent supporters of pheromone use, stating that the pheromone is safe because the EPA says it is better than traditional pesticides. Note that we were also told that they have not done there own tests. Call them and let them know how you feel. And ask them why they aren’t doing their own tests.
National Headquarters Telephone: (212) 727-2700
Or the San Francisco, CA Office: (415) 875-6100

9. Personal Action

  • Send this WebSite to a Friend
  • Write articles
  • Contact news agencies
  • Offer professional support, legal, chemical or microscope analysis, or other type of support.
  • Feel your feelings about this. People get angry, or feel in a state of shock, that this is actually happening - that little babies, old people, and the sick, are all being exposed to potentially deadly chemicals.
  • Donate money

10. Boycott Roll International, owner of Suterra the maker's of Checkmate - Roll Companies include, Fiji Water, Paramount Farms, Paramount Citrus, POM Wonderful, The Franklin, Mint, and Teleflora

11. Contact International News Organizations,

12. Contact Democracy Organizations

13. Contact International Civil RightsOrganizations

14. Contact Other Media Organizations

Can you help in some way, contact the webmaster, Rami,