The California Department of Food and Agriculture (CDFA) are a Bunch of Liars

Because you won't get the straight facts about the LBAM from CDFA, I am taking my time and effort to help inform you.

CDFA Distorted-Truth:

"Light brown apple moth (LBAM) is an exotic pest that has recently been discovered in portions of the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles." - CDFA Source


We do not know how long the moth has been in the San Francisco Bay Area and Los Angeles, it could have been here for many many years.


CDFA Distorted-Truth:

"No illnesses related to the use of these materials have ever been reported, even by people handling concentrated forms of Checkmate or similar pheromone products used to control other insects." - CDFA Source


Hundreds of people have reported illnesses, and likely thousands have gotten illnesses and have not reported them. The CDFA ignores all illness reports. The CDFA does not investigate any illness reports. I have just a sampling of reports on the health effects page. When they do hear of reports, they believe the illness is caused by something else, that it is psycho-somatic. One child nearly died from this and now has permanent lung damage. His doctors refused to sign a form that says that it may be related to the pesticide, even though they unofficially acknowledge that the pesticide is responsible for this.


CDFA Distorted-Truth:

When answering the question, Is the aerial application of this pheromone safe? the CDFA cannot give a straight answer yes. They do claim that, " In Australia, where the pheromone has been in use for several years, there has been no evidence of any health problems among the people living in rural areas where applications are made, nor among those who manufacture or apply the product." - CDFA Source


 I am not aware of any sprayable pheromone for LBAM used. I believe it is unlikely since the Suterra formulation was made just recently for the California situation.  Bt (a bacterial insecticide) is what is used for the LBAM in Australia.

This type of pheromone has been safety used in agricultural fields, away from humans, by the application of a twist tie impregnated with pheromone. This is far different than the untested use of a pheromone in a microcapsule that can easily be swallowed or inhaled, and which biodegrades over 30-70 days for prolonged human exposure.


CDFA Distorted Truth:

"The EPA has established that this is a very low toxicity material applied in a very dilute concentration."


The synthetic pheromone's may have a low toxicity when applied via sticky traps or twist ties. The EPA has only tested the pheromone, those are the two ingredients listed on the Checkmate page , (E)-11-Tetradecen-l-yl Acetate & (E,E)-9, 11-Tetradecadien-l-yl Acetate. The EPA does not have to monitor the "inert" ingredients which includes agents that make men sterile, that bind to human estrogen receptors and that are so untested there is not even data on how toxic it is. When you exclude all these toxic additives, and when you ignore that a plastic ball is directly force vaccinating everybody with moth pheromone and who knows what else, then yes perhaps, this is a safe tested pesticide.

Even if this were relatively safe, (which it is absolutely not) you still would have to show that it is safe for pregnant women and infants, and people with asthma, which it is not.

Pheromones that are not microcapsulated are the most environmentally safe approach ever used to eradicate an insect pest.  However, as a stand alone tactic, they are not a very effective approach.  In this California situation and the conditions under which pheromones were and are being applied, this approach can only be characterized as an experiment and not a statistically sound experiment at that.

Even if it were safe for all those categories, (which it is not) you still have the human rights and due process issue's, that in a democracy, people have the right to decide if they are sprayed with chemicals or not!

CDFA Half-Truth:

"Suterra, the manufacturer of Checkmate pheromone products, confirms that moth pheromones designed to create mating disruption have been applied aerially in the US for about 10 years against invasive moth infestations in Florida, Texas, Arizona, Oregon, Washington, New York, Pennsylvania and Michigan. Moth pheromone has also been applied aerially in South Africa, Argentina, Chile, Italy and Spain. The differences
between these pheromones and Checkmate LBAM-F are small, with adjustments made for the specific make-up of the moth in question. " CDFA Source


These were not applied on nor proven safe for humans.

And a literature search will show that no aerial applications of pheromone are not tested, and not proven to work. They won't work for the LBAM, and they won't work for other moth's, because it does not provide specific enough coverage of pheromone's.

Many Pheremone applications are available

Pheromone formulations vary widely including tube, membrane, laminate and matrix type hand applied products, hollow fiber formulation, laminated flakes and microencapsulated sprayable formulations.  Each formulation has widely different characteristics which effect different behaviors and which impart different levels of response in the target insect.  Making generalized statements about “pheromones” without referring to specific formulations against specific pests under specific conditions is misleading.  In fact, the many differences between the aerially applied pheromones referred to in the first paragraph are, contrary to the statement, substantial. Yes, moth pheromones have been applied aerially for mating disruption. However, aerially applied pheromones, as a unilateral tactic, have not been successful in eradication of any insect species.  Furthermore, the aforementioned history of aerially applied pheromone use does not elaborate on necessary specifics.  These pests and the pheromones and the formulations used are highly varied and have little relevance to the LBAM sprays currently being used in california. One example is the Hercon Flake which is very different from the CheckMate microcapsulated formulations with very different physical and release characteristics.  It is erroneous to infer that, because of this history, there is scientific validity to the use of CheckMate OLR-F or LBAM-F.

There is no published efficacy on these microcapsulated formulations used aerially against LBAM.  

Indeed, there is no specific mention in the CDFA document of pheromones applied aerially against LBAM anywhere in the world, including Australia and New Zealand.

There has never been a microcapsulated formulata used against LBAM in Australia or New Zealand.

To repeat, the pheromone used in these countries is Isomate twist ties, with the full component LBAM pheromone (not OLR pheromone).   The formulation is a hand applied tube reservoir dispenser very different from an aerially applied microcapsules, which have very different release characteristics and field longevity. The only place aerial applications of insect pheromones for LBAM have been applied is in Monterey and Santa Cruz counties. Prior to CDFA’s LBAM eradication program, aerially applied LBAM or OLR pheromones had never been applied over populated areas.  Generalized statements about pheromone use in Australia and New Zealand agriculture have very little relevance to the LBAM situation in California.

Pheremone's used in Australia were NOT aerially applied

Only the hand applied Isomate LBAM plus dispensers being used.  There has never been any sprayable pheromone for LBAM used and I believe it unlikely to have every been tested since the Suterra formulation was made just recently for the California situation.  

No Evidence To Prove it Works

I also showed you the EPA document saying that pheromone's cannot release from microcapsule's, this entire idea of aerial spraying of pheromone's being safe, effective, or tested is a farse. Show me the documentation first CDFA! The CDFA demands the strictest evidence to show negative health effects from Checkmate, and then ignores it, but has no problem believing made up evidence from the manufacturer which has no scientific backing.


CDFA Partial Truth:

Are the planes, treatment equipment and flight plans safe?
The contractor Dynamic Aviation, their planes and the individual pilots are required to be reviewed and licensed/approved by the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA). CDFA Source


Dynamic Aviation is involved in covert operations, has ties to the CIA, and does military surveillance. They are involved in the War in Iraq and Afghanistan.


CDFA Lie!:

"Based on review and approval of this product by the EPA and the California Department of Pesticide Regulation (DPR), there is no human or animal health risk from exposure to the material during treatment." CDFA Source


Many people have seen dead birds since the treatment, and red spots everywhere. Hundreds have reported signs of illness. It is impossible to know for certain that Checkmate is safe, because some of the inert ingredients, specifically, Tricaprylyl Methyl Ammonium Chloride, shows that the short and long term exposure risks to humans are unknown. What is known, is that Butylated Hydroxytoluene a.k.a. DBPC , will make men sterile, and can cause birth defects and cancer, and that 2-hydroxy-4-n-octyloxybenzophenone, is a xenochemical, which binds to human estrogen receptors. All of these factors, plus the huge unknown of how deadly microcapsule's are, and how they deliver these minute doses of chemicals directly into human tissue's. Checkmate is a potentially deadly chemical. It is not safe by any means.


CDFA Big Lies:

"Failure to act quickly could result in uncontrolled spread and substantial environmental and economic impacts." - CDFA Source


The economic impact of LBAM is unknown, because no farmer in California has reported any crop damage from the LBAM. In Australia, it is barely even a nuisance, and it is easily contained through agricultural treatments (not spraying chemicals on people), and in Hawaii, it is not contained at all without any harm to the environment. The LBAM also likes cold climates, and so will no thrive in many of California's agricultural environments. Un till an environmental review is done, which is required by California State Law, which the CDFA is blatantly and arrogantly violating, because they truly are bastards! nobody can claim the LBAM will cause even one cent of damage. Not to mention that the total aerial spray program could cost the state over 500 million dollars, which is likely to be far more damage than the LBAM can do.


CDFA Extremely F*&$d government Policy:

"At the direction of federal and state law, agricultural officials with the USDA and CDFA are responsible for eradicating invasive pests that threaten agriculture as well as the environment and natural habitat." CDFA Source


The government is OF the People,

For the People and

By the People

Let's throw these criminals into jail were they belong, and let's have some real government officials who are interested in protecting California residents, rather than going out of their way to poison them.


CDFA Huge Lie:

"How long will the treatment project take? Each aerial treatment would take approximately three nights to apply the treatment over the entire eradication area." CDFA Source


They forgot to mention that they will be spraying people, animals, playgrounds, schools, and so forth, beginning in February or March, for 9 months, and then continue along for up to three years. At which point, they will probably start spraying for something else because the Checkmate chemical, which cannot work, if it did hypothetically work, would only limit the moth's reproduction, and not eliminate it!


CDFA Out of Touch With Reality:

How do you protect against drift?
The airplanes use pre-programmed GPS guidance systems to ensure even application of the treatment.CDFA Source


The GPS system accidentally sprayed a bunch of wrong places, and some plane just turned off its GPS system and went ahead and sprayed a bunch of people when it was not supposed to. The Monterey Herald reported that some areas that were not supposed to get sprayed, got sprayed.


CDFA Big Fat Liars!

"How will these applications affect the environment, including the ocean? Pheromones are among the most environmentally friendly treatments ever used to eradicate a pest infestation in California." CDFA Source


Many chemicals in the aerial spray are known to harm sea animals. Birds have been found dead all over the place, because they likely can see and accidentally eat the microcapsules, and become poisoned to death. Many moth's have similar pheromone's to the apple moth, and so their mating will possibly be disrupted (assuming this technology work, which it won't) and bee's will mistake the microcapsules for pollen. The Checkmate warning label says specifically to not spray on waterways, and people have reported seeing red in the ocean, the red being some sort of active agent in the aerial spray. So again, the pheromones themselves may be harmless, but when they are capped into miniature volatile balls of plastic, combine with a bunch of industrial strength and highly toxic chemicals, they are not safe for anything.


CDFA Lying Through Their Filthy Teeth!

"The inert ingredients in the formulation are water and biodegradable elements used to delay the release of the active ingredient so that the treatment will be effective for an extended period of about one month. The basic biodegradable “building block” is urea, a normal constituent of the human body that is derived from the breakdown of proteins that
we eat." CDFA Source


They left out the second word, the industry standard is a urea-formaldehyde polymer. Even minute doses of formaldehyde make many people really sick. Also to safely enter the body, the capsules need to be biocompatible. That by the way, would make it into a drug, and thus should be regulated by the FDA. I wonder if those synthetic moth pheromones also get normally broken down by our bodies as it is injected directly into our bloodstream, maybe the CDFA thinks that is normal too, and that humans are made up of synthetic moth pheromones and plastic balls. I doubt substances such as those inert ingredients known to cause cells to mutate, make men sterile and cause estrogen to be released into the body, are normal.

I hope you get the point. The government officials runing this horrible crime, are completely out of touch with any type of reality. They foolishly believe what they are doing is right, and then defend their actions with blatant lies. Let us tear this government apart, peice by peice, until we have a real government, a real democracy, that is a representative for the higher good of humanity, not for the higher evil which we are so plainly seeing. Take Action Now!

False Safety Letter Written by Department of Fish and Game

This is just an example of official lies and politics. I do not have time to comment on the letter, but I want you to see how dumb people are. The letter written by your department director is not based on any
scientific data. Why don't you examine it for yourself.

How can anyone say this is the safest method, or safe to animals, when
it HAS NEVER BEEN TESTED! Why doesn't the fish and game do some experiments first before you declare Checkmate, a substances with endocrine disrupter's, safe!
Letter from California Department of Fish and Game


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