Biochemical Health Effects and Health Reports


In Monterey County, after the first round of spraying, there were over 200 documented reports of injuries from the aerial spray. The actual number, of undocumented cases, is likely to be 10-50 times higher. The amount of spray adverse reports from Santa Cruz County is unknown at this point.

If You Are Sick from the Spray

  1. Go See a Medical Doctor
  2. The Doctor Fills Out the Form
  3. Make sure your doctor calls the health department and legally reports this as they are supposed to.
  4. Makes Copies and Send it Ceritifed Mail To:
  5. County Disease Control Unit
    P.O. Box 962
    1080 Emeline Avenue
    Bldg F.
    Santa Cruz, CA 95061-0962

  6. Send a Copy to the City of Santa Cruz Attorney
    City attorney, at fax is (831) 423-9401,
    (831) 423-8383 x218,
    333 Church St, Santa Cruz, CA 95060-3838.
  7. Send a Copy to the EPA
    Sections 166.32 - Unexpected adverse effects must be immediately
    reported to the EPA. Someone emailed me to say that the EPA added her adverse health information to their "EPA Pesticide Incident Database.
  8. E-mail Concerned Citizen Mike Lindberg to keep track of the reactions,

Blood and Urine Samples can be indepenetly scrutinized by Accu Chem Laboratory at (972) 234-5412

"105200. Any physician and surgeon who knows, or has reasonable cause to believe, that a patient is suffering from pesticide poisoning or any disease or condition caused by a pesticide shall promptly report that fact to the local health officer by telephone within 24 hours..

Natural Health Tips for Pesticide Spray Related Poisoning

These are suggestions, use them mindfully, not all of these suggestions may work or be best for you.

  • IMT - Integrative Manual Therapy - helps balance the body systems
  • Kombucha - known to protect against raditation and other poisoning
  • Milk Thistle - protect and strengthen the liver
  • Kelp or Kombu powder - the minerals help detoxify heavy metals and other poisons
  • Cilantro of Parsley - helps bind to toxins in the body, needs to be used frequently to be effective
  • Vegetable juice - like celery, parsely, or cilantro, gives the body alkalizing minerals to help bind to toxins
  • Colloidal Silver - Colloidal Silver may help in the lung recovery. We use Colloidal Silver in nebulization (inhaling) and it will remove a cold or flu in 24 hours. It has been in human use for more than 100 years and has no counterindications when used correctly.
  • Drink Lots of Water
  • Limit your exposure - if your sick, getting out of the area of the microcapsules will help mediate your symptoms
  • Temporarily avoid sugar and sweet foods including fruit - these foods can decrease are immune system.
  • Probiotics - yogurt, saurekraut, rejuvelac, and other priobiotic food and beverages helps rebalance intestinal flora.
  • Raw Fats - raw butter, and other raw fats, like raw grassfed milk, raw avocaods or cocnuts, and/or raw eggs can help bind and clear toxins in the body.
  • Oysters and Clams - raw foods high in trace minerals like oysters and clams, are excellent at purging the body of unwanted poison.
  • Raw Grassfed Eggs - put these in smoothies, they may make you sick at first, but the eggs bind to left over toxins in your body.
  • Detoxifying Baths - Be cautious this may not be good for everyone as the microcapsules may release in the heat, or the water. I have good reports of taking a bath in sea salt for pesticide rashes. Bathe with, Epsom Salts, Baking Soda, or high grade Hydrogen Peroxide.

Santa Cruz County Pesticide Injury Case Reports

These are unofficial reports captured from the Internet (mostly from Santa Cruz Sentinel User Comments).

  1. Headache, nausea, vomiting, bumpy rash on several parts of my body, itching, swelling, initial eye irritation with the feeling of puffiness, and right after the spraying upon my return on Saturday early morning of 11/10/07 I experienced an initial burning irritation at the back of my sinuses and throat which went away although I am experiencing shortness of breath. 

    Photo of Pesticide Poison Rash From Aerial Spray
    Right Hip LBAM
    Woman's Right Hip

    She says, " I have been trying to stay in doors in the attempt to not expose myself further to unnecessary bodily harm. For when I do to go outdoors to meet my responsibilities I have been breaking out in rashes or bumps."
  2. Women stepped out of car, experienced severe burning in lungs, difficulty breathing, tearing eye's and developed a rash, she saw a plane flying overhead.
  3. Last night around 9 I started feeling really sleepy and my
    throat started feeling like I was breathing in menthol or something.
    I've never smoked one but it's like a cool burning feeling. I was in
    my house last night (seabright) but I have very poor insulation. I felt as though my lungs were burning last night and most of the
    morning, but it wore off. Both of my girls complained that their
    throats were hurting, but work off as well!
  4. My son and I were sitting at our dining room table when we both became light-headed and I thought I was going to faint. Our hearts started beating rapidly because we thought we might pass out. This is absurd that this is happening. And we are INSIDE our home!
  5. Very odd synthetic metallically plasticy flavor in the back of the mouth. Our house was passed over 9 times and got a renewal of the flavor each time.
  6. My mouth /tongue also has this strange awful metallic taste shortly after this spraying began and has worsened with each additional passing pissing on us! CheckMate LBAM-F By Bend, OR Suttera Corp. THANKS LOADS For Treating us as guinea pigs!!
  7. one of my eyes burning, strange taste in the mouth, astmatic feeling in lungs and one of my dogs wheezing. Many other low planes. Now it's 9.45 and there goes another! Closed all windows and shut off ventillation.
  8. I have to say, I really didn't expect this to sound so horrible and be so scary. My daughter is completely flipped out (thank goodness for Benadryl) because the sounds of the planes is horrible. And then she starts worrying about Banana Slugs and the ocean....
  9. I am in scotts valley right now and they are spraying like crazy over here as well. I just came from santa cruz.. and yes, I have a light headed feeling and somewhat of a head ache. I wish I would have had a better warning of this. I would have taken my child and left..
  10. We tried to gather some rugs etc. off the deck and left the rest as they were flying right over our heads. I am now experiencing a strange taste in my mouth. It's kind of numbing with a strange coating on my tongue and in my mouth. Also one of my eyes are burning. I'd like to hear from anyone else experiencing anything similar.
  11. straight up my body and head feels like one would after a long hard night of doing bad cocaine. There I said it, its true. My head hurts, my sinus' are in pain and really dried out, my respiratory system is taxed and I feel a little nauseous. I know that chemical inhalation feeling and that is what is going on. It aint good and it sure wasnt fun.
  12. just called the hotline
    it is closed
    i feel really really sick
    awful taste, shakes allover
    guess they're done but didn't stick around to clean up their mess
    somebody please y=take notice
  13. MY (human) male reproductive behavior is being affected---it's too embarrassing to explain---or at least so my girlfriend complains.
    Is anyone else having this kind of problem?
  14. One round of aerial spraying was completed in Monterey County on Friday night, Oct. 26. Saturday afternoon, I was outside for approximately 20 minutes when I began to notice an unfavorable taste in my mouth. I thought, "No, it can't be from the aerial spraying. Aptos has not been sprayed." So I remained outside until I experienced a significant increase of the taste in my mouth. It was at that very moment that I knew my body was being affected by the aerial spray, although I did not understand completely how that could be. I have learned to trust my experience. Immediately, I went inside. At this time I had a headache, followed by a dramatic drop in energy. My chest became tight. About half an hour later, I felt pain in my chest. Later that evening, I became nauseated. As I lay in bed that night my whole body ached.
  15. I am 44 years old and a resident of Aptos, Santa Cruz County, California.

    On Thursday, 11/08/07, my neighborhood was sprayed repeatedly for most of the night with a pesticide used to eradicate the Light Brown Apple Moth. On Friday, 11/09/07, I began to suffer from acute respiratory problems including shortness of breath, a burning, inflamed sensation in my lungs, chest pains, sore throat, dry cough and tachycardia and unusually high blood pressure. Then came the body aches, head aches and sick all over feeling. In the evening of 11/09/07, I went to the emergency clinic due to these aforementioned symptoms. I was very concerned because I suffer from chronic fatigue syndrome and chemical sensitivities. I have a compromised immune system and am currently under medical treatment for my illness. I was not experiencing respiratory symptoms before the date of the spraying. After being exposed to the pesticide, I was advised by the doctor that I should leave town. He offered me an Albuterol inhaler which provided no relief of my symptoms. I am suffering greatly as a result of being exposed to this spray and fearful that irreparable harm has been done to my health. I had no say in this matter and am being forced to breathe this toxic chemical. I am also very concerned about what this chemical is doing to my fellow citizens, their pets, the wildlife, our environment and our water supply.
  16. I live in Capitola with my partner and my 3-year-old son. We were sprayed almost directly over our home from 8pm - 4am during the night of Thu, Nov 8. I stayed indoors with all windows shut until mid-day on Fri, Nov 9, when I went out for about 1-1/2 hours. About 45 minutes after I got home, my eyes, ears, lips, mouth, throat, and lungs started burning and feeling as though they were swelling. My lungs began tightening. My skin was itching and I had a terrible metallic taste in my mouth. I have severe Asthma, Allergies, and Multiple Chemical Sensitivites, so I did a nebulizer treatment here at my home, but the symptoms continued to get worse. At about 3:30pm, I went to Santa Cruz Medical Foundation Urgent Care. I brought the form "Confidential Report of Known or Suspected Pesticide-Related Illness" with me, and asked the doctor to fill it out.
  17. I first heard the planes at 8pm on Nov. 8th when I was at work down town Santa Cruz. I work at a spa and people were in out door hot tubs as the spray dumped down on them.
    As I left work at 9:30pm and walked to my car,I felt the inside of my nose burn and it was hard to breath. I felt pain in my sinuses and had an insatiable thirst. Then I tasted a kind of metallic like taste in my mouth. I drove home to my little place in the hills of Soquel and as the night went on I felt worse and worse. I felt shaky and my lower back was tightening up in painful spasms. Then nausea set in. My body felt under attack. My brain went into a fog. I thought that I was going to pass out. I don't think I must have slept that night. All I could hear was the aircraft buzzing over and over and over. There was nowhere to go, nowhere to get fresh air. My body went in and out of various kinds of pain. Intense chills then hot. My hart was pounding and working really hard and felt tight and heavy. The next day was not any better. I drank 60oz. of water to flush out the poison. It took me until 6pm (Nov.9th) to finally feel well. Then I came home from work that night,from the spa down town, and my partner who was at home told me that they had just sprayed over the house. He was feeling ill. Burning inside his nose,sore throat ,burning eyes,foggy feeling, chemical taste, very thirsty, feel sick all over,head ache, shaky,feel like vomiting. Then all my symptoms came back.
  18. 3 days later - So I am still feeling not so well;
    Stuffy head, sore lungs, and upset.
  19. Well, I just got back from out of state Saturday, went to downtown
    Santa Cruz (we live just outside the current spray area) yesterday for 2 hours, and within 1/2 hour of getting there I started having
    symptoms (a rash on my face, burning eyes, and a sore throat). Today it's worse. I am going to the doctor today to get checked out, and am filling out a report.
  20. i felt ok in scotts valley, as i was coming into santa cruz i felt tightening and trouble breathing in my chest, then lightheaded, nausea, burning eyes and nasal congestion-- in my car! none of the symptoms have subsided after stopping in capitola and coming home to aptos. i am going to the beach to see if i feel better and to see if the ocean is red. in some ways i am shocked, in other ways not. i have never been diagnosed with mcs, i do have cfids. i have never felt these symptoms before. this isnt my usual reaction to chemicals such as paint or perfume. this is different than the toxic motel i stayed in.
  21. i didnt notice a smell but i feel absolutely wretched and want to leave again tomorrow. what an absolute intrusion into our lives. well, i feel less alone now having had the same experience. not a club either elected to join.
  22. I think it is interesting that many people have allergies and or a
    horrible cold. I do not think it's random... I believe it's a result
    of the spraying! Personally, I have been exhausted!! I have no energy and am PMSing... like crazy! I am going to go to the women's clinic today!
  23. She said... her garden use to be a bird sanctuary. She
    also is spotting with major PMS... she hasn't had a cycle since early
    this year. I told her to go to the women's clinic and report her
  24. i continue to have no relief from these bizarre symptoms and i realized that it is eerily quiet around here. there are usually woodpeckers hopping around on my deck. the crazy squirrel
    that has run along my deck railing for 7 years is not here. i live above nisene marks and sometimes the birds in the tree outside my window are so loud i can hardly think. now i can't think because i feel poisoned.
  25. I have been feeling ill ever since the spraying of my workplace and
    also my home November 8. Sore throat, very tired no energy, headache, runny nose and eyes, irritated eyes, sore lungs, coughing... PLEASE STOP THE SPRAYING!!!
  26. After last nights aerial spraying in Santa Cruz, my eyes are burning
    and there is a metal taste in my mouth. This is an outrage! Where is
    the proof that there is a epidemic of sorts that require aerial
    spraying of an entire county! The spray is a toxic substance... our
    politicians should be ashamed of themselves.. .needless to say their
    agricultural contributors should be as well! What can we do to stop
    this NOW!
  27. Was kept awake the night of 11/8/2007 by the low flying spray planes and experienced burning eyes, throat, lungs, tingling lips and a chemical odor was perceived. Ended up with a headache as well. Don't know if I feel this headache, burning eyes and foul taste in my mouth was caused by the chemicals or just sleep deprivation. All I know is that these symptoms are not normal for me!
  28. We tasted the chemical sprayed last night in our mouths and became light-headed. This is absurd to put human health above the interests of global markets.
  29. November 9th, Second Day of Aerial Spraying
    SANTA CRUZ — More than 80 people have reported becoming ill after being exposed to a “highly contagious virus” at a local hotel, according to the Santa Cruz County Health Services Agency.

    In a public health advisory issued at 1 p.m. Friday, the agency said an outbreak of gastrointestinal illness at the unnamed hotel exposed about 1,000 people from Nov. 9-15. The people attended a variety of events at the hotel.

    Environmental Health and Communicable Disease staff are working to stem the outbreak but suspect the cause is a virus that can be passed from human to human, according to the advisory. Symptoms generally include nausea, vomiting and diarrhea.

    Public Health is working with hotel management to limit exposure and to extensively clean the kitchen as well as other areas like bathrooms and dining areas. All kitchen practices are being reviewed. All of the 1,000 people potentially exposed will be contacted, the advisory states.

    Hotel staff will be monitored for illness and any ill employees will be sent home and not allowed to return to work until they are symptom free for 24 hours.

    For information, call 831-454-7529.
    I'll probably lose my job for this comment, but I can't stand reading the comments of the idiots that keep supporting the CDFA. True we don't know the truth, but there are six documented major lies they have told and then changed their stories.

    I work at the front desk of a hotel. A bunch of guests staying there got sick the morning after the first night of spraying. They had no idea about the spray, and my boss told me not to say a word to them. Seven different rooms checked out with some pretty good illnesses, but each family only had some members sick and not others. The spray definetely got them sick. The interesting thing is that some get sick and others are just fine. There is some kind of sensitivity to it, and in this comment section, the idiots that aren't sensitive keep denying those people who are. I wasn't allowed to tell any of the guests that others in the hotel got sick too and I couldn't tell them about the spray or I would have lost my job, by my idiot boss. I feel bad now. I should have told them. Sorry about that.

  30. We were in Santa Cruz yesterday with our 14 month old son. We were on the beach, wharf and boardwalk and then went to a restaurant. At the restaurant he vomited badly and also experienced diarrhoea, on the way home he fell asleep. Today he has a high temperature and has been asleep nearly all day. He cant keep food down and is running a temperature of 101. I called the hospital and they advised the following; Keep hydrated, use pedialyte, feed only Bananas, Apple sauce, Rice, Toast. If he can keep down the food then give the recommended dose of Tylenol to keep the temperature down (see label on bottle) If he hasn't vomited after 4 hours then the bug is passing. He is really hot though, its really frightening but I hope this information is useful.
  31. It is really important to discuss the way health complaints were
    handled and to address the confusing reporting process. I know it has been on my mind ever since I woke up in a cold sweat last Saturday, when I realized after two nights of spraying that most of the health complaints are too "minor" to ever be reported via a doctor. To me of course, these are no minor issues: burning eyes, metallic taste, itchy skin -by no means pleasant, and when reported independently by many people, very troubling! I also have been given some very agonizing first-hand reports of muscle spasms, foaming in the mouth, dizziness and asthma attacks, or asthma returning after many years. In the comments on the SC Sentinel I have read of a 4-month old baby that had trouble breathing during the spraying and of several cases of headaches, nausea and even vomiting. Most affected were people that were caught directly in the spray or people with a history of asthma or chemical sensitivities, as well as children and the elderly.
  32. got the red and itchy eyes and skin, my husband suffered for 3 days with intestional problems, my Mother has had four asthma attacks since the spraying, and my 2 year old grandson all of the sudden has itchy eyes!

Monterey County Pesticide Injury Reports

  1. Hello people,
    My experience after the first spraying was a sore throat, runny eyes, sore and itchy eyes, wheezing, and just general congested head ache.
    While I was away in the city for two weeks, my 80 something year old parents have suffered a lot. After the most recent spraying, my mum was nauseated for several days, and suffered dizziness, loss of appetite.
    My dad complained of constant nasal drip since the very first spraying, but none of the other symtoms.
    We live in Carmel Woods. As far as I'm concerned the whole spraying thing is criminal, and "they" should stop it right now!
  2. I live in Castroville off 156 and have to drive thru Marina every day to get to work. Most of my shopping and activities involve going into Monterery, Sand City,Marina. After the first round of spraying there I became very dizzy, headaches (across my forehead) and wheezing which lasted for a month and gradually diminished. The rain fall helped. Then it started all over again. Now my area is being sprayed and after the first night (next day) I experienced again wheezing, headache, burning in my chest and complete congestion in my nose. Again the rain cleared up my symptoms. Tonight they are spraying again. One can not stay indoors for 30 days. I am already on two asthma medications daily for my asthma. My hands and feet are burning this last time. Feels like the beginning of anaphalactic reactions. (I have allergies and have been several times to the hospital with anaphalactic shock to doctor and I figured it out, so now I know better!)

    My son who lives in Marina has come down with joint pain in his body. This happened 3 weeks after the first spraying in Marina and has been to a doctor. Blood tests have shown no signs of arthritis or other problems... they did not test for chemicals. So he is on pain killers and anti-inflammatory the age of 25! THe doctor told him it was probably a virus or bacterial infection. But he was not put on antibiotics.....strange.
  3. After both sprayings I have felt nauseous, fatigued, and have had a
    headache which could not be remedied by Tylenol. Keep this stuff OUT OF OUR AIR!!!

Environmental Reports

  1. i am still out of town but my daughter said birds in aptos where behaving strangely, "flying together." her and my husband said the ocean was extremely red, before the rain. on the cliffs above aptos, they said the ocean smelled really bad, more severe than the common red tide. a friend whose family has lived here for years said she has never seen the ocean so red.
  2. I can tell you, my yard in Capitola used to be alive with birds. I'd be refill-ing my bird-feeder every other day. Flocks of birds chirped and sang all day long in the tall, bushy privacy hedge and the plum-apple tree canopy in the back and an 80 foot tall redwood in the front. Since the morning of November 9--after a  5+ hour dousing of LBAM-F--my yard has been eerily quiet. The bird feeder's still full from two days ago.
  3. Haven't heard or seen any blue jays since the spraying. Usually they
    are everywhere and loudly so. We are on the edge of the redwoods.
    Phoebes are hunting in the meadow and little birds are chattering,
    just no jays.
  4. I live very close to the ocean, directly next to a lagoon which feeds into the ocean and we were sprayed, even though the planes weren't supposed to go there and now people are finding dead birds, cause of death unknown!

Doctors Not Filling Out Forms, and Not Being Informed Reports

  1. This has been very frustrating for me, and probably many others, since I tried many times to find a doctor who even knew anything about the county health form.  All my doctor's offices and they said they knew nothing about the form and none of them had received the advisory.  So who did the health dept send the forms to?  I asked all of the doctor's offices I called  to ask the doctor if he would be willing to see me because I wanted the form filled out. I never got any calls back. 

Unusual Reports

  1. By - the way, have you noticed that the crop duster planes from
    CDFA, were flying last night and tonight 11/13 and 11/14, at 5:30,
    6:30, in Pacific Grove, Jack's Peak areas? Slow moving, going in
    straight lines, like floating with their blinking lights, but one red
    and one blue this time. What's ?? going on. Do they have to
    retrack their steps again?? Last time - seems they had to show a
    record of their tracks.... and maybe they hadn't done it properly.
    This time they were much higher and not over the rooftops.
    My question, is anyone seeing these planes, for how long,
    etc.? Couldn't stay around to track them.
    We just never have small low flying planes over our areas,
    we're not on the normal flight path - extremly rare.
    Is the CDFA -- having planes that are leaving Marina airport -
    with no one maintaining a flight schedule for them. Anyone in
    Marina, see them leaving??
  2. After spraying, strange red dots appear in water fountain. Could the some of the Checkmate drops turn red when dissolved in water?

    Picture of Water Fountain After Aerial Spray
    water fountain Checkmate aerial spray
  3. In response to bird deaths:
    what about the white waxy wetting agent that I scraped off my car the day after the spray. Are these people comparing to what Suterra says is in the spray or the actual chemical that was sprayed out of the plane?