New Toxicology Report Proves Costly Long and Short-Term Health Effects From Aerial Spray

Hi Everyone,

The new CDFA toxicology report produced by "Aquatic Toxicology Laboratory at
The University of California, Davis"


has given everyone the evidence needed to prove without any doubt that Checkmate is dangerous and illegal to spray on people.

Please spread to the appropriate authorities.

The argument is simple, the report states on page 3 that, "microcapsules ranged in size from approximately 10 microns to 190 microns"

10 micron sized microcapsules equate with particle pollution.

From the American Lung Association:

"Particle pollution, called particulate matter or PM, is a combination of fine solids and aerosols that are suspended in the air we breathe." "The ones of most concern are small enough to lodge deep in the lungs where they can do serious damage. They are measured in microns. The largest of concern are 10 microns in diameter"

Short Term Health effects include:

*death from respiratory and cardiovascular causes, including strokes
* increased numbers of heart attacks, especially among the elderly and in people with heart conditions;
* inflammation of lung tissue in young, healthy adults;
*increased hospitalization for cardiovascular disease, including strokes;
*increased emergency room visits for patients suffering from acute respiratory ailments;
*increased hospitalization for asthma among children; and
*increased severity of asthma attacks in children.

Long Term Effects Include:

# increased hospitalization for asthma attacks for children living within 200 meters (218 yards) of roads with heavy truck or trailer traffic;
# slowed lung function growth in children and teenagers;
# significant damage to the small airways of the lungs;
# increased risk of dying from lung cancer; and
# increased risk of death from cardiovascular disease"

Who is at most risk:

* Children under 18
* Adults 65 and older
* Anyone with chronic lung diseases, such as asthma, chronic bronchitis, or emphysema
* Anyone with a cardiovascular disease, such as a coronary artery disease or who has suffered a stroke or heart attack
* Anyone with diabetes"

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