Santa Cruz Downtown Holiday Parade

Change of Outreach Venue at the Santa Cruz Holiday Parade
Dear Understanding Fellow Anti-aerial Spraying Activists:
We have become a force to be reckoned with. This is a good thing. But when that happens it increases our visibility and as a result our opposition has begun to find their voice.
I have had many families and organizations within and without our group very concerned about injecting politics into the holiday parade. Some more angry than others, their point - this is an event meant to focus on the holidays, not any particular political perspective.
That coupled with the facts that
- the truck broke down
- we are literally too big of a group (the biggest the parade has ever seen)
- the truck broke down (I said that twice on purpose)
-and most important to getting our message out is having a stationary spot to sign people up for action and collect money for our "give aways"
This perfect storm of issues has led me to take our group out of the parade walking and into the stationary space offered in front of Oneill’s Surf Shop during the holiday parade. The Downtown Business Association has offered to give us the space with tables and permits during the set up, running and pedestrian milling about after the parade.
I know many of you will not agree with this change of venue. Please keep your flame mails to one per family and please remember I am one of you and trying to do the best I can to further our cause without furthering our opposition.
One last note, a group that can be fluid and responsive in its approach will ultimately be much more effective than one with its feet dug in.
See you in front of Oneills on Sat. Dec. 1st. We will be there at 8A and on. I truly hope you will still come.
Bonnie Keet


Saturday Dec. 1st
9:15 to 9:30
corner of Spruce and Laurel, near Kinkos parking lot
parade starts at 10AM sharp
Stop the Aerial Spraying, group # 41.

Bring all your friends. We have a great group shaping up. Live Earth Farm is bringing their funky old truck. Larry Graff and Peter Weiss are our band leaders. Emily Reilly is trying to join us. We are still waiting to hear from John Laird, Tony Madrigal and Neal Coonerty (so if you have connections with these people, give them a call)

We will have a big banner out front with our theme on it. We have magnets to hand out, bumper stickers and quick fact sheets.

What we need from everyone:
Make signs that are informative and respectful. Here are some of the great suggestions I have heard:
Don't spray me, I am sensitive
Just do something
The job of a citizen is to keep their mouth open
I am a kid, not a guinea pig
There are safe alternatives to aerial spraying
Sleep tight there is no aerial spraying tonight
What state of emergency?
Every 30 days the CDFA wants to spray
Never Tested/Never Used on Humans
Lungs don't Lie
Save our Streams from Spray
Someone you loved could be sensitive
Aerial Spray Flows to Bay
M.A.M.A.S-Mothers United Against More Aerial Spraying

Please make some signs and join us. Lots of kids are riding their bikes, scooters, skateboards. The more kids the better.

Additionally we need someone to volunteer to help with parade control. The downtown business assoc. asks one person from each float to have a volunteer. Just one volunteer.


The meeting spot is the corner of Spruce and Pacific Ave (next to Kinkos) The parade route is along Pacific Avenue from Laurel to Water. I suggest trying to park somewhere along the route, as parking will be tight near the staging area.

Please sign in at our groups' table. We will be taking everyone's name and contact info to be sure we have a thorough list of all those interested in the aerial spraying issue.

Email me any questions., my cell phone for last minute emergencies is 431-0773.

Oh, also there is a big food drive for all parade participants, please try to bring a non perishable food item for our hungry friends and neighbors.

Hello fellow activist against the aerial spraying.

Saturday December 1nd 10AM
Santa Cruz Holiday Parade
This is a getting started email to let everyone know we are able to have a float in the parade to get the word out to the general public about the aerial spraying.  The theme of the float will be "Don't Put a Haze in our Holidays".
Live Earth Farm is bringing their cool old Ford truck, we will have music, lots and lots of familes and carry signs.  The downtown association does not usually allow political floats in the parade as it is a community event.  They feel the aerial spraying issue is so important, they are making an exception for us.
Given that, I would appeal to everyone to make signs that are informative, not inflammatory.  I am picturing signs saying things like:the spraying will go on for years, Don't Spray Me I a sensitive, I am a kid not a guinea pig.....
We will hand out pencils with the websites people can visit to get involved in the issue.  We might want to consider writing up a quick fact sheet that we could disseminate as well.  
I am really viewing this as a big "marketing" or public relations platform.  There are still soooo many people who have no idea the spraying will go on and on. 
I have invited John Laird, Neal Coonerty, Mark Stone, the city council.  Please let me know of any other SC celebs anyone is able to confirm can be on our float.  Recognizable people would help to promote our cause.
Things we need:
signs sign signs
families, lots of kids
good energy and enthusiasm, lets remind people to see this is as an issue that affects all of our community and  remind them eveyone needs to be involved
we could use a flat bed truck in addition to Live Earths cool old vehicle
if anyone has any of those wild parade puppets or walks on stilts or juggles or some other interesting perfomance art, please come
I will send out another email on Tuesday to give updates on the parade.  In the meantime you can email Bonnie or call Bonnie at 477-0214,  but email is a MUCH better way to communicate with me.